Gruesomely Tragic Discovery: Renowned Memphis DJ ‘Slick Rick’ Found Decapitated in His Residence

In a shocking and grisly incident, the vibrant Memphis DJ, Rick Buchanan, famously known as ‘Slick Rick,’ was found decapitated in his Berclair home on Angel Avenue, Tennessee. The discovery, made by Buchanan’s brother John on Wednesday afternoon, January 24, has left the local community in disbelief, prompting an investigation by the Memphis Police Department.

The heart-wrenching account provided by John Buchanan reveals the chilling circumstances surrounding the DJ’s untimely demise. “I walked in and found him, and I just called 911,” John shared with FOX13. The initial confusion, thinking his brother’s coat was pulled over his head due to the cold, turned into a horrifying realization of a much more sinister event. Slick Rick’s lifeless body, still clutching his keys, was found with his pants pulled down, intensifying the mystery surrounding the incident.

Buchanan, a well-known personality in the Memphis music scene, had been performing in the local circuit for decades. However, his life took a traumatic turn in 2014 when he was shot outside a nightclub. John Buchanan noted that the incident had a profound impact on Slick Rick, transforming him into a recluse who struggled to find work. The DJ, who once thrived on the energy of his performances, became a homebody, finding solace in the company of his dog, Lucky.

The community is mourning the loss of a vibrant and positive figure. Kathy Calaway, a friend, expressed, “He was wild but he was a good man. He had the energy of an entire power plant, would, and did help anyone if he was able and was such a positive, kind man.” The shockwave of grief has also reached Karen Dillard Brown, who shared her sadness, frustration, shock, and anger over the tragic incident.

In a poignant gesture, John Buchanan has decided to adopt Slick Rick’s beloved dog, Lucky, as a way to honor his brother’s memory. The family, still grappling with the traumatic discovery, is desperately seeking answers. The Memphis Police Department has confirmed an active investigation into the suspicious circumstances surrounding Buchanan’s death.

The unsettling turn of events has sent ripples through the community, leaving many to reflect on the fleeting nature of life. As friends, family, and fans come to terms with the loss of Slick Rick, his legacy as a dynamic force in the Memphis music scene remains intact, with memories of his energy, kindness, and positive spirit enduring beyond the tragedy.

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