Breast-Groping Incident: Spanish Footballer Hugo Mallo to appear in Court following the Breast-Grabbing Case of a woman caught on Camera (Video)

Former Celta Vigo captain and Spanish footballer, Hugo Mallo, is set to face trial in July over accusations of sexual assault against the woman portraying Espanyol’s mascot, Periquita, in 2019. The trial, originally scheduled for the previous year at Barcelona’s Ciutat de la Justicia, had been postponed.

The alleged incident occurred in April 2019 when Celta Vigo traveled to Catalonia to play against Espanyol at the Stage Front Stadium. A video surfaced showing Mallo, who was the team’s former captain, leading players onto the pitch and allegedly grabbing the breasts of the mascot.

The victim, referred to as ‘Ana’ to protect her anonymity, detailed the incident in her statement. According to her, when Mallo greeted the mascots, he extended his hand to the male parakeet (Periquito), following the customary practice. However, when he reached Ana, who was portraying the female parakeet at that time, he allegedly inserted his hands under the costume and touched her breasts. Ana reported the incident to the Catalonian police, Mossos d’Esquadra, the day after the match.

Mail Online reported that the case was officially classified as sexual assault in May 2021, following an intervention by the Ninth Section of the Provincial Court of Barcelona. The judge emphasized that the video footage indicated that ‘something was happening’ with Periquita. The judge noted that although the interaction appeared brief, it lasted longer than previous greetings to the mascot. The mascot’s movements, the withdrawal of her hand, and her positioning behind the male mascot suggested that inappropriate touches may have occurred.

The victim, through her legal representation, is seeking a sentence in accordance with Article 181.1 of the Penal Code. This article entails a 24-month fine, with the proceeds going to the state.

As the trial approaches, the spotlight intensifies on the allegations against Hugo Mallo. The incident not only raises questions about the behavior of individuals in prominent positions within the sports industry but also highlights the importance of addressing and condemning actions that violate personal boundaries. The legal proceedings will determine the consequences for Mallo, with potential implications for his reputation and career in football. The victim’s pursuit of justice, as reflected in her requested sentence, underscores the significance of holding individuals accountable for their actions and promoting a culture of respect and safety within sports and beyond.

Watch the Video Below:

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