Highly Intense Scene Unfolds as Israeli Special Forces, Disguised as Muslim Women and Doctors, Conduct Operation in Hospital, Eliminating 3 Hamas Operatives Receiving Treatment (video footage)

In a recent incident on January 30, a compelling video surfaced capturing the moment Israeli military commandos, heavily armed and disguised as Muslim women and doctors, conducted a swift raid on Ibn Sina hospital in the West Bank town of Jenin. The footage revealed about a dozen undercover special forces soldiers, some dressed as Muslim women with headscarves, others in hospital scrubs or white doctor coats, rushing through the hospital’s hallway with drawn assault rifles.

One of the soldiers, wearing a surgical mask, was seen carrying a rifle in one arm and a folded wheelchair in the other. Another, dressed entirely in black, was shown patting down a man kneeling against a wall with his hands clasped behind his head. Graphic images released by Palestinian news media depicted a blood-soaked pillow with a bullet hole on a hospital bed and a foldout armchair covered in blood.

The Israeli military asserted that the three Palestinians shot and killed during the raid were using the hospital as a hideout. They claimed that one of them was a member of Hamas who had been smuggling weapons and ammunition for a planned terrorist attack, allegedly inspired by the Oct. 7 massacre.

Hospital officials contended that the Israeli undercover soldiers forcefully entered the medical complex around 5:30 a.m. local time, proceeded to the third floor, and used silenced pistols to kill the three men. Niji Nazzal, the hospital’s medical director, accused the soldiers of executing the men in their sleep inside the treatment room, describing it as a cold-blooded act.

One of the deceased individuals was identified as 27-year-old Mohammed Jalamneh, whom the Israeli military claimed was planning an imminent attack. Hamas confirmed Jalamneh’s affiliation with the group and condemned his killing as a “cowardly assassination.” The other two individuals, brothers Basel and Mohammed Ghazawi, were alleged by Israel to have been hiding inside the hospital and involved in past terror attacks.

Tawfiq al-Shobaki, a representative of Ibn Sina Hospital, asserted that the Israeli squad attacked doctors, nurses, and hospital security during the operation. Describing the incident as unprecedented, he noted that while there had been arrests and assaults in hospitals before, assassinations inside medical facilities had never occurred.

This incident has raised significant concerns about the use of hospitals as sites for military operations, sparking debates and discussions regarding the ethical implications of such actions and the impact on medical facilities’ neutrality. The conflicting narratives from Israeli military sources and hospital officials underscore the complexity of the situation and the challenges in reconciling differing accounts of the events that transpired during the raid on Ibn Sina hospital.

Watch the video below:

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