Dual Allegations of Sexual Assault: Two Women Come Forward with Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Japanese Footballer Junya Ito

Japanese footballer Junya Ito is currently under investigation for allegations of sexual assault involving two women. The 30-year-old midfielder, playing for the French club Stade de Reims, faced the accusations while in Doha with Japan’s national team for the ongoing Asian Cup tournament, as reported by Daily Shincho on Wednesday.

The police initiated the investigation after the women filed a criminal complaint against Ito. Amid the probe, Ito, who represented Japan in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, refrained from commenting extensively, stating he was instructed to avoid discussing any topic beyond sports.

Japan’s coach, Hajime Moriyasu, responded cautiously to the allegations, stating, “I’m not fully aware (of the allegation) yet. I’ll deal with it after examining it.” The situation adds a layer of complexity to Japan’s national team dynamics during the ongoing tournament.

The reported incident allegedly took place in June of the previous year at a hotel in Osaka. Ito is suspected of engaging in unwelcome sexual conduct with the women, who were reportedly intoxicated, after playing for Japan against Peru. The details of the investigation are still unfolding, and authorities are actively working to assess the validity of the claims.

Daily Shincho, the source of the report, operates under the publisher of the major weekly Shukan Shincho. The news broke just as the latest issue of the publication hit newsstands on Thursday, adding to the sensitivity and public scrutiny surrounding the allegations.

The unfolding situation places Junya Ito, known for his contributions to Japanese football, under intense scrutiny both in the sports community and the public eye. The ongoing police investigation will shed light on the accuracy of the accusations, with potential repercussions for Ito’s career and reputation. The gravity of the allegations also raises questions about the handling of such cases within the realm of professional sports and the responsibility of athletes in maintaining ethical standards.

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