Calls mount for Spanish FA to probe alleged slur by Jude Bellingham towards Mason Greenwood, prompting scrutiny over the incident’s veracity

Calls for the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to scrutinize Jude Bellingham’s alleged derogatory remarks towards fellow England player Mason Greenwood during a match involving Real Madrid and Getafe have intensified.

The clash between Bellingham and Greenwood is among several incidents flagged by La Liga and referred to the RFEF for investigation. According to the incident report, social media messages surfaced post-match, suggesting that Bellingham directed insults at Greenwood in English.

Bellingham’s involvement in a robust tackle on a Getafe player, resulting in the ball going out of play, drew attention. Observers on social media speculated that Bellingham, captured on video, muttered the word ‘rapist’ directed at Greenwood. A lip reader, exclusively speaking to Mail Sport, confirmed this interpretation.

The dissemination of the clip led Getafe to take action, urging the match referee, Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea, to document the alleged verbal abuse in his official report. However, without clear audio evidence, establishing the case against Bellingham might prove challenging.

Getafe has escalated the matter further by reporting the incident to the LaLiga delegate present at Estadio Coliseum. Despite this, the club has refrained from filing a formal complaint against Bellingham.

The incident report also underscored allegations of racist chanting aimed at Vinicius Jr. by Getafe supporters, as captured in recordings circulating on social media.

The situation underscores the complexities of addressing allegations of misconduct within professional football. While social media can bring attention to potential transgressions, definitive proof is often required for disciplinary action to be taken.

For Bellingham, the allegations cast a shadow over his conduct on the field and could have ramifications if formal proceedings are initiated by the RFEF. Meanwhile, Getafe’s decision to report both the alleged verbal abuse and the racist chanting demonstrates a commitment to addressing issues of discrimination within the sport.

As the investigation unfolds, the football community awaits the outcome, hoping for a resolution that upholds the principles of fair play and respect for all individuals involved.

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